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Original-Research: KPS AG – von GBC AG

Einstufung von GBC AG zu KPS AG

Unternehmen: KPS AG
ISIN: DE000A1A6V48

Anlass der Studie: Research Report (Anno)
Empfehlung: BUY
Kursziel: 16,60 EUR
Letzte Ratingänderung: –
Analyst: Matthias Greiffenberger

Strong financial year 2016/17 offers a solid basis for long-term growth
plans with successive margin improvements

In the past financial year 2016/17, KPS AG was able to increase its revenue
by 10.6% to EUR160.30 million (previous year: EUR144.93 million). This slightly
exceeded the company’s own forecast of EUR160 million; however revenue was
slightly below our expectations of EUR164.24 million. At the same time, EBIT
also increased by 11.2% to EUR24.76 million (previous year: EUR22.26 million),
which resulted in a slight margin improvement. Hence, the company achieved
an EBIT margin of 15.4%, which continues to be significantly above the
industry average.

The first quarter of 2017/18 developed as expected and lower revenue and
profit levels were achieved accordingly. Revenue fell by 5.5% to EUR38.10
million (previous year: EUR40.30 million) and EBIT fell by 51.6% to EUR3.10
million (previous year: EUR 6.40 million). The weaker result was primarily
due to costs for project acquisitions, which should have a
disproportionately positive effect on corporate development in the future.
The forecast for the current financial year was again confirmed in the
context of the quarterly figures and significantly higher profit levels are
accordingly expected for the coming quarters.

For the coming financial year 2017/18, KPS AG has published a comparatively
modest forecast of EUR160-170 million in revenue with EBIT of EUR23-26 million.
On the one hand, this restraint is due to a major customer’s postponement
of a project and, on the other hand, the inadequate invoicing of long
project cycles. In general, KPS projects last 18-24 months. The long
project run times can result in uneven fluctuations in revenue, which is
not only evident on a quarterly level, but also significant in the full
year trend. Nevertheless, we remain convinced of the long-term growth
potential of KPS AG.

Accordingly, we expect revenue growth of 2.7% to EUR164.55 million for
2017/18, with EBIT of EUR24.95 million. We therefore expect the company to
remain at approximately the same level as the previous year in the coming
year. At the same time, the project cycles should result in significantly
more dynamic growth in the subsequent year. Accordingly, our forecast for
2018/19 is significantly higher, with revenue growth of 9.4% to EUR180.08
million and an operating result of EUR28.51 million. Therefore, we expect a
slight decline in the EBIT margin to 15.2% in 2017/18, followed by
overcompensation in 2018/19 to 15.8%. This also corresponds to the
management’s statement, namely that the EBIT margin should exceed 16.0% in
the long term, with double-digit growth in revenue.

Against the background of the current development, we assume that the KPS
investment case will continue to exist. Due to the digitisation megatrend,
there is a lively demand for digital transformation and KPS can serve this
field as European market leader in the area of commerce and logistics. This
is also reflected in the consulting team’s almost full workload. At the
same time, there should be an increase in margins in the medium- to
long-term as a result of the changeover to its own consultants. In
combination with the industrialisation of the consultancy approach, we
assume that the long-term target for the EBIT margin of over 16.0% is
feasible. On the basis of our DCF model, we have determined a target price
of EUR16.60 per share (previously EUR18.00) and have awarded the BUY rating.

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