15:17 | 02.01.2018
Certified Compost Operations Manager™ Credential Expands Operations to Provide Total Customer Experience

The Certification Commission of the United States Composting Council
(USCC) expanded the customer experience online system to manage the
growth and operations of its first nationally recognized professional
compost credential, the Certified Compost Operations Manager™ (CCOM™).
The certification program launched just one year ago in October 2016 and
by November 2017 the program grew to add online applications and paths
for inviting training providers, course creators and conference owners
to submit their compost management training sessions for approval of
professional development hours (PDHs) by the Commission. The more
extensive and robust online system provides a permanent home and secure
area for recertification activities and 24/7 access to updating
employment and professional development advances during the CCOM’s

The CCOM™ credential enables compost professionals to quantify and
qualify their knowledge and experience by obtaining a professional
certification developed by the Certification Commission of USCC and
endorsed by foremost experts in the compost industry.

A CCOM™ designation allows municipal, commercial, and agricultural
compost manufacturers and consumers to verify that a compost operator
meets stringent professional standards set by a Commission of experts in
the industry, and has demonstrated technical expertise in the production
of safe, high-quality compost material.

Before being awarded a CCOM™ designation, a certified compost
professional must demonstrate competency by passing a rigorous exam and
provide evidence of approved training hours and substantial
manufacturing and operations experience in the production of compost.
Additionally, to ensure that CCOMs are knowledgeable about of the latest
technological advances, credential holders are required to undertake and
document 30 hours of approved continuing education every three years to
maintain their certification.

Compost educators, producers, and consumers can access information and
use the site to advance the commercial compost industry by getting
certified, hiring certified operators and by consuming products produced
by compost companies who employ CCOM™ professionals.

With the expansion of the Commission’s website at, the online customer experience system starts at
a login page and features “smart” technology that recognizes the
returning visitor and knows if they are a certification candidate, a
training provider or someone else, then transports them to where they
left off at their last trip into their account. The expanded operating
system means the process of certification and verification can be
accessed from anywhere and managed entirely online. To get certified and
join the growing CCOM™ community, visit

The mission of the Certification Commission of the USCC is to develop
and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification
programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the
profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit
the community business and environmental outcomes.

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