16:00 | 02.01.2018
GE Lighting Expands Connected Portfolio with New “Light the Way You Live” Solutions

No two people are created equal, which means experiences at home
shouldn’t be either. Recognizing every household revolves around a
different set of people and routines, GE is focusing its connected home
strategy around outcome-driven, smart home lighting designed to light
the way you live.

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GE Lighting’s Smart Ceiling Fixture and Sol Lamp in the kitchen (Photo: GE)
Using two things you use every day – your voice and your lighting – and
drawing on rich consumer insights, GE’s growing portfolio of C by GE
connected lighting solutions is designed around real-world challenges
and needs with opportunities for customization by user. The portfolio,
powered in part by a growing partner ecosystem, taps into new potential
through easy-to-use, voice-centric lighting products for every room of
the home.

“Imagine you have a hard time falling asleep, but also a hard time
waking up. Your bedroom is a space for reading before bed and folding
clothes, and it’s always cold. Imagine if lighting could optimize that
environment and solve for those challenges and needs,” says Jeff Patton,
General Manager Connected Home Products, GE Lighting. “We will get you
there through lighting solutions paired with voice, sensors and other
technology that you can use on their own or in combination across the
home,” says Jeff Patton.
2018 C by GE Portfolio Additions
In 2018, the C by GE vision accelerates with several industry-first,
all-in-one lighting solutions designed to evolve and grow with consumers
over time:

Smart Ceiling Fixtures: The industry’s first voice-integrated ceiling
fixtures allow you to extend the reach of smart lighting and voice
experiences throughout the home, whether that’s listening to music,
completing voice-driven tasks or changing your white light based on
needs or tasks in a room. No need for a separate stand-alone voice
device from your favorite provider, these ceiling fixtures build that
all right in and hide it perfectly right into your room’s aesthetic. A
flush mount and recessed can option will be available as part of the
initial offering.

Smart Wall Switch: This voice-compatible smart switch allows you to
control your connected lights (on/off, dim, warmer/cooler white light
changes) with your voice and your favorite voice assistant, no
separate GE hub required. A built-in antenna ensures electricity can
always be accessed – eliminating an existing challenge of kids or
visitors accidentally flipping off a wall switch and disabling control
of smart lighting.Advanced occupancy, humidity and
temperature sensors, and other sensors in the future, help you monitor
your rooms in real time to create the optimal environment. The
solution also can be used to dim any non-connected bulbs a homeowner
may have today without the need for a separate dimmer system or costly
home rewire.
Lamp Extensions: The industry’s first lighting product to
integrate Amazon Alexa inside receives ongoing updates, including
turning on Spotify and SiriusXM connectivity and Amazon’s Echo Spatial
Perception (ESP) feature, allowing syncing with other Alexa devices
throughout the home. Availability also grows to include Canada.

C by GE Lamps: Already compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google
Assistant, C by GE adds Apple HomeKit compatibility in the first
quarter to its C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs in conjunction with its
recently released C-Reach bridge, allowing control of C by GE bulbs
with Siri from using the Apple Home app on iPhone or iPad, and away
from home. Create scenes, set up automation and more.
Partner Ecosystem Grows
To best serve consumers’ personal preferences, the C by GE portfolio
will be compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple

The company also will partner with trusted, outcome-specific partners to
drive additional value and enable homes where lighting is much more than
Affordable and Easy to Shop
Drawing on its deep consumer insights and its work in real-world homes
across the country, the company’s marketing and commercialization
strategy will reduce the complexity of both the lighting and smart home
categories. C by GE solutions will be merchandised and marketed by
outcomes and rooms to help consumers imagine the opportunities and
eliminating complexity found across the smart home category today.
About C by GE
GE’s C by GE brand Lights the Way You Live with outcome-driven,
all-in-one lighting solutions to solve real-world challenges and tap
into new potential at home, enabling homeowners to do more and be
better. Part of the GE Lighting portfolio, C by GE products build on the
company’s century of innovation, invention and imagination at work. Our
deep understanding of the home and our expertise in the connectivity of
things results in simple, connected designs to help people thrive.
About GE
GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming
industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are
connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global
exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business
shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and
intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application
across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and
scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the
language of industry.

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