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Global Micro Thermoelectric Modules Market: Growth, Trends & Forecasts to 2022 – Research and Markets

The “Global
Micro Thermoelectric Modules Market – Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2017
– 2022)” report has been added to Research and Markets’

A thermoelectric device operates on the thermoelectric effect, and
directly converts any temperature difference into an electric voltage
(Seebeck Effect) or vice versa (Peltier Effect). By type, the
thermoelectric modules are divided into bulk thermoelectric modules,
micro thermoelectric modules, and thin film thermoelectric modules.
Micro-thermoelectric modules are devices that have semiconductor element
dimensions of less than 1.0 mm square, which allow more number of
thermocouples for a given size module. These modules hold various
advantages. A thermoelectric module works electrically without any
moving parts so they are virtually maintenance-free and flexible in
shape. One of the unique properties of micro thermoelectric modules is
the possibility to convert heat into electricity starting from almost
zero temperature difference.

Additionally, technological advancements resulted in product
miniaturization, giving rise to a multitude of micro devices such as
microprocessors, micro sensors, microcontrollers, and micro instruments.
Thermoelectric technology can be used to solve thermal problems in
microelectronic circuits by catering unattended & continuous power
requirements, and backup power on manned platforms for critical
communications & emergency shutdown systems.

The modules find primary application across industries such as in
Opto-electronics and telecom industries. Thermoelectric modules have the
potential to find broad application in waste heat recovery (energy

The primary factors that hinder the growth of the thermoelectric modules
market are their high cost and low-efficiency. The market still has to
overcome the inefficiency hurdle on a commercial scale to make the
thermoelectric materials an attractive proposition. Active R&D
activities carried by companies such as HI-Z Technology Inc, and
Ferrotec Corporation, around the world, are aimed at tackling these
restraints. Nanotechnology is helping the thermoelectric technology
achieve breakthroughs.
Companies Mentioned:
AMS technologies

Ferrotec Corporation

Gentherm Global Power Technologies


Laird Technologies

II-VI Marlow

Micropelt GmbH

RMT ltd

TEC Micro Systems

Tellurex Corporation

TE Technology Inc.,

Thermion Company

Yamaha Corporation

Key Topics Covered:
1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Overview

4. Market Dynamics

5. Value-Chain Analysis

6. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

7. Global Micro Thermoelectric Devices Market Analysis, By Application

8. Global Micro Thermoelectric Devices Market Analysis, By Geography

9. Key Company Profiles

10. Competitive Landscape

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