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Global Pumps Industry 2016 – What are the Key Expectations and Challenges in the North American Pumps Industry in 2016? – Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global
Pumps IndustryVoice of the Customer” report to their offering.

This research service covers the challenges faced by participants in the
pumps industry and their expectations for the year 2016-2017. The study
is a compilation and interpretation of customers’ views (from top
end-user industries) and expectations from the North American pumps
industry. It provides a regional analysis and covers the economic
factors affecting the market. North American economic changes and their
impact on the end-user industry trends and aftermarkets services are
also detailed.
Key Findings
– In 2016, however, the pumps industry is expected to witness positive
growth from the chemicals and food and beverages (F&B) sectors, as a
result of rebound in investment activities in response to the forecast
steadiness in oil prices.

– In light of the growing demand from emerging markets, the water and
wastewater sector has been experiencing improved sales since 2012 and is
bound to continue to display steady growth until 2018.

– Growing interest in positive displacement (PD) pumps, as a result of
their advantages over centrifugal pumps, is causing them to grow at a
faster rate than the latter. The most popular product types in this
segment are diaphragm, progressive cavity, and screw pumps.
Key Questions Answered:
– How is the market expected to grow between 2016 and 2017?

– What are top market participants doing to beat the market conditions?

– Which are the geographies that are considered the most opportune for
growth by end-user?

– How are the market conditions expected to affect capital expenditure
(CAPEX) models across industries?

– What are the key trends that are expected during 2016 – 2017?

– What are the key technological advancements that are most likely to be
implemented in 2016 – 2017?
Predictions for 2016:
– Oil Price Fluctuations: Continued decline in oil prices is expected to
further dampen global economic growth until mid 2016.

– Key Drivers of Pumps Selection: Pump selection in 2016 will be
primarily driven by factors such as energy savings, life cycle
performance, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

– Industry Landscape in 2016: Hectic global competition is driving the
North American pump market to increase mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
activities in the region.

– Growth Sectors in 2016: Companies are expected to boost aftermarket
sales revenues to compensate for the loss in new project sales.
Key Topics Covered:
1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Pumps Industry Landscape

4. VoC Study Findings – General Economic Overview

5. VoC Study Findings – North American Pumps Industry

6. VoC Study Findings – North American Pumps Technology Trends and

7. VoC Study Findings – Competitive Analysis of the North American Pumps

8. Conclusions – Implications for the North American Pumps Industry

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