23:18 | 10.11.2017
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Effort Merges with EMILI Members

Protein Industries Canada (PIC), a western Canadian supercluster of
partners working to position Canada globally as the leading centre of
high quality plant-based protein, is gaining additional members for its
phase two application to the Federal Government.

The PIC consortium, which includes 60 partners, was recently shortlisted
in the federal government Innovation Superclusters Initiative, which
will invest up to $950 million over five years to support select
superclusters that can be engines of economic growth for the country.

PIC and the Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative
(EMILI), a consortium that was also formed in response to the
supercluster initiative, have announced that over 50 of their members
will now join PIC and participate in the protein supercluster.

“We are excited about the merger of the PIC and EMILI initiatives. This
supercluster effort combines their expertise in plant protein with our
intelligent systems technologies and will have positive impact in the
Prairie Provinces and across Canada,” said Ray Bouchard, EMILI Board
Chair and President and CEO Enns Brothers Ltd. “Both production and
marketing will be supported and accelerated via development and
application of a wide range of new technologies including artificial
intelligence (AI), machine-learning, plant genetics and other
transformative technologies functioning within a host of agri-food tools
and systems. The final proposal will exhibit how we can bring close to a
billion dollars of capital into the market, support commercialization
activities and create good middle class jobs for Canadians.”

“Together, PIC and EMILI members create a powerhouse supercluster, with
tremendous knowledge and capacity to develop Canada as the best source
of plant proteins and co-products, supported by leading edge
technologies. “ said Frank Hart, Chair of Protein Industries Canada. “We
welcome the breadth of expertise these new members bring to PIC. We
anticipate this cluster will produce a new range of plant-derived foods,
ingredients and feedstuffs, adding value to the high quality raw
commodities that are produced in abundance on the prairies, increasing
our trade opportunities and generating economic activity across the
country. We look forward to completing the selection process with the
Federal Government and beginning work next year.

The shortlisted applicants have been invited to submit detailed
proposals by November 24, 2017, to be considered for the next phase of
the process.

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