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Research and Markets: Sustainable Development in the Process Industries: Cases and Impact Offers Sound Solutions to Social, Ecological, and Economic Challenges

Research and Markets (
has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd’s new book “Sustainable
Development in the Process Industries: Cases and Impact” to their

The complete, hands-on guide to sustainable development

Today’s process industries must develop natural resources within an
eco-friendly framework that balances current demand with future need.
Realizing this goal necessitates global vigilance of three key areas:
people, planet, and prosperity, known as the Triple Bottom Line or,
simply, the Triple P.

Sustainable Development in the Process Industries details how worldwide
implementation of sustainable processes in present-day industries can
positively influence the Triple P going forward by lowering poverty,
reducing pollution, and conserving resources.

This in-depth guide includes:

Real-world case studies and examples

Individual chapters written by industry experts

Application in industries such as petroleum and fuel, food, recycling,
mineral processing, and water processing

Focus on the micro (molecules, unit operations, processes) to the
macro (industrial sites, value chains, regions, the world)

Providing lessons with practical application rather than pure theory,
Sustainable Development in the Process Industries offers sound solutions
to social, ecological, and economic challenges imperative to assuring
our planet’s well-being for generations.
Key Topics Covered:

2 Sustainability Metrics, Indicators, and Indices for the Process

3 Resource Efficiency of Chemical Manufacturing Chains – Present and

4 Regional integration of processes, agriculture and society.

5 Eco-Industrial Parks in the Netherlands: the Rotterdam Harbour and
Industry Complex.

6 By-product Synergy Networks: Driving Innovation through Waste
Reduction and Carbon Mitigation.

7 Fast pyrolysis of biomass for energy and chemicals: Technologies at
pilot plant, demo-plant and commercial scale.

8 The Integrated Corn-Based Biorefinery: A Case Study in Sustainable
Process Development.

9. Cellulosic Biofuels – a sustainable option for Transportation.

10 DSMs New Integrated Urea-Melamine Process: A Sustainable Industrial
Process Development.

11 Sustainable Innovation in the Chemical Industry: An overview of
commercial impacts.

12 Implementation of sustainable strategies in Small-Medium
Enterprises (SMEs) based upon the concept of Cleaner Production: A
case study from an anodizing company.

13 Microbial Engineering and Bioleaching: Application to the
Sustainable Concepts of Metals Recycling and Mineral Processing.

14 Application of Industrial Ecosystem Principles in Industrial
Symbiosis (By-Product Synergy) – Successful Experience from The Dow
Chemical Company.


Jan Harmsen is principal process developer at Shell. He has thirty-two
years of industrial experience at Shell with positions in the following
departments: exploratory research, development, process design, and
chemicals manufacturing. He is also, since 1997, part-time Hoogewerff
Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology at the University of
Groningen, the Netherlands.

Joseph B. Powell is Shell’s Chief Scientist, Chemical Engineering. He
joined the Process Development Department at Shell’s Westhollow
Technology Center (Houston) in 1988, where he has led major R&D
programs. Dr. Powell has been granted forty-five U.S. patents and
several industry awards, including the A. D. Little Award for Chemical
Engineering Innovation (AIChE 1998).

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