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Research and Markets: This New Updated Version of Analyzing the Market for Cellulosic Ethanol is Now Available

Research and Markets (
has announced the addition of the “Analyzing
the Market for Cellulosic Ethanol” report to their offering.

The constantly upward spiraling demand for energy worldwide has also led
to a consequent investment of industrial and scientific effort into
sources of fuel which will be able to feed the increasing needs of
civilized society and industry.

These latent pangs of future fuel shortage were almost as instantly
recognized in the chronological period as the investment of newer energy
production sources. The finite nature of resources demands and drives
the constant search for cleaner, better combustible and newer fuels. A
ground breaking step in this direction is the development of Cellulosic

This report is a complete handbook on this dynamic fuel source and its
position in the global energy scenario. The report builds on the global
energy industry and the consumption patterns which are fed by the
traditional sources like Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy and
Hydroelectricity. The report also presents a track on the global energy
consumption patterns along with the resources being used for them.

Taking into consideration the revenue cycles in the global energy
markets, the report explains the revenue derived from these demand
patterns from traditional sources as well as hydroelectric and wind
energy. The report further also details each source individually.

Taking a contrasting view point the report presents an in depth analysis
of the global energy crisis and the growing recognition of
unconventional energy sources for arresting this crisis.

At this point the report introduces the emergence of ethanol as a source
and the further leap ahead of science in the augmented development of
cellulosic ethanol as an energy source. The report details the complete
process of cellulosic ethanol production and the crucial role played by
residues form agriculture, grass seed, wheat, forestry in the production
of this wonder furl. The changing scientific attitude towards the role
of municipal waste, sludge to serve as a feedstock for this fuel is also
explored in this report.

A complete section devoted to understanding the technologies employed to
derive ethanol from these cellulosic feedstock and the efficiency of
obtaining ethanol from different feedstocks is included in the report.
The utility of ethanol as a fuel in transportation on conjunction with
gasoline is displayed in the report.

The geographic commercialization of cellulosic ethanol is analyzed
country wise in this report ranging from Canada, China, Spain, UK and
the United States.

The report examines the factors supplementing the growth of this
industry as well as the challenges & issues facing this industry. The
propelling support from the biotech industry in the development of
cellulosic ethanol is also elaborated in this report. The report delves
deeper into the production patterns and impact of cellulosic ethanol on
the farm economy which are now becoming the guiding principles of
building subsidy policies for such economic structures.

The report envisages to explain the basic cost integers of ethanol
production and the regulatory framework which is now in place to support
the development of this wonder fuel for the future. The role of the
government in supporting and nurturing including development of funding
mechanisms to augment the production of ethanol is also explained in
this report.

As a conclusion the report presents an analysis of the leading
commercial producers of ethanol and their successes earned so far. The
report presents a special section to gauge the performance of this
industry through the usage of global case studies and updates to various
corporations engaged in this ecological endeavor.
Key Topics Covered:
A. Executive Summary

B. Analyzing the Global Energy Industry

C. Revenue Returns on Global Energy Markets

D. Global Energy Demand & Supply Dynamics

E. Looking at the Global Energy Crisis

F. Emergence of Ethanol as an Energy Source

G. Introduction to Cellulosic Ethanol

H. Analyzing the Major Conversion Technologies: Producing Ethanol from
Cellulosic Feedstocks

I. Analyzing Ethanol Production from Different Feedstocks

J. Analyzing the Utility of Ethanol in Transportation

K. Commercializing Cellulosic Ethanol

L. Factors Impact Growth of the Industry

M. Challenges & Issues Facing the Industry

N. Technological Patterns Prominent in the Industry

O. Role of Industrial Biotechnology in the Development of Cellulosic

P. Production Patterns

Q. Influence of Cellulosic Ethanol on the Farm Economy

R. Ethanol Production and Use – Impact on the Economy

S. Analyzing the Economics of Ethanol Production

T. Analyzing the Regulatory Framework

U. Government Incentives & Support Mechanisms

V. Leading Industry Players

W. Analyzing the Industry through Case Studies

X. Appendix

Y. Glossary of Terms
Companies Mentioned:

Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation

Archer Daniels Midland Co.

Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings


Codexis, Inc

Dyadic International, Inc

Genencor International

Green Plains Renewable Energy.

Iogen Corporation

+ many more

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