14:30 | 21.07.2010
Semiconductor Industry Veteran Dr. Sass Somekh Joins Ampulse Board of Directors

Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of solar cell
solutions based on proprietary and patented crystalline-silicon (c-Si)
thin-film technology, today announced that Dr. Sass Somekh, former
Executive Vice President with Applied Materials and President of
Novellus Systems, has joined the Ampulse board of directors.

A veteran of the semiconductor industry, Dr. Somekh has played a leading
role in developing and growing several key product offerings in the
semiconductor-equipment industry, such as co-inventing of the Applied
Materials Precision 5000, the first semiconductor-manufacturing system
to be placed in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution
in 1993. To recognize his industry achievements and thought leadership,
Dr. Somekh received the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute
(SEMI) Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994 for his numerous contributions
to the semiconductor-equipment industry.

In 2007, Dr. Somekh co-founded Musea Ventures, a venture capital firm
focused on investments in clean energy technologies including the areas
of solar energy, energy efficiency, and biofuels.

“As a strong believer in the development of groundbreaking solar
technologies, I am delighted to serve on the Ampulse board and
contribute to the success of a company that is taking a unique and
innovative approach in developing c-Si thin-film solar technology that
is more efficient, flexible and less costly than what’s currently on the
market,“ said Dr. Somekh. “Ampulse is well-positioned to be a
game-changer in the solar market and I look forward to helping the
company reach its goals.”

“Ampulse is proud to have Dr. Somekh join our board, as his vast
industry experience and knowledge of silicon processes and high volume
manufacturing will assist us in developing optimal and highly
cost-effective manufacturing processes for our c-Si thin-film
solutions,” said Steve Hane, president and chief executive officer of
Ampulse. “Along with his technical expertise, Dr. Somekh brings with him
a culture of innovation and creativity which will help us as we move
forward in establishing Ampulse as a cost and technology leader in the
thin-film solar PV industry.”

Ampulse’s technology blends the best efficiency properties of c-Si with
the attractive manufacturing costs and application flexibilities of
emerging thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technologies. Ampulse’s
manufacturing process uses a patented breakthrough technique to deposit
c-Si, the material of choice for PV applications, on a flexible
substrate. This results in a solar PV module that possesses high
efficiency, an easy-to-install form factor, and industry low
manufacturing and total system costs.

Ampulse delivers a “no-compromise” approach to the present-day
challenges of PV technologies and creates a path to wide-scale
deployment by supporting power generation cost, unsubsidized, below grid
About Ampulse
Founded in 2007, Ampulse Corporation is a venture capital-backed
developer and manufacturer of solar cell solutions based on proprietary
and patented crystalline-silicon (c-Si) thin-film technology. The
company leverages proprietary and patented technology developed at the
U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewal Energy Laboratory (NREL)
and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). For more information, please
or call 1-877-AMPULSE.


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