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The World First ZERO Emissions Race Makes Stop in Vancouver

The first ever Zero Emissions Race is rolling into Vancouver on November 12th – the first stop on the North American leg of this incredible international journey and the only Canadian stop on the tour. Started on August 16th, 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, racers have, so far, covered 16,000 km. Participants have been driving 100% electric vehicles running on renewable energies up to 500km a day since the race began – with a goal of completing their around the world journey in just 80 days of driving.

This race represents a major milestone in the history of electric vehicles. According to Tour Director Louis Palmer, the ZERO Race aims to prove the efficiency and reliability of electric mobility: “The purpose of the race is to show that zero emission vehicles running on renewable energy use technologies that are available and reliable today. With shrinking resources and the impacts of global climate change, the ZERO Race strives to present the solutions for a better, and greener future. This is the powerful message that we want to bring to the World Climate Change Conference in Cancun at the beginning of December.”

Media are invited to see the vehicles and speak to race participants on Friday, November 12 from 9:00am to 11:00am at the Public Plaza at the former Athletes’ Village. (Millenium Waters Development).

Despite tough weather and road conditions, not to mention the fatigue of driving upwards of 500km a day during what amounts to the longest and hardest electric car race to date, the teams are holding up well says tour director Louis Palmer, “The race has crossed Russia, Kazakhstan and China and arrived on schedule within the hour in Shanghai where the vehicles have been loaded onto a ship to Vancouver.”

The ZERO Race is not about speed, but about other judgment criteria including vehicle reliability, energy efficiency, utility to every day life, design and safety. Almost each day, the teams face these challenges and receive points according to their performance in each. So far, the Swiss team is leading Germany and Australia.

The ZERO Race is the world’s longest green event

The ZERO Race is a “green” event, and participants are doing everything possible to travel in a responsible way. Any greenhouse gas emissions created from the event, including the shipping of cars and flights by participants, will be compensated by investments into renewable energy projects through myclimate. Each team has already produced enough power for their vehicle from renewable energy sources including solar and wind, and this has been fed into the grid in their home country.

The ZERO Race is supported and welcomed by Vancouver Electrical Vehicle Association and other grass roots organizations along the west coast of North America. The event is also backed by the Globe Foundation in Vancouver, and sponsored by Canadian Solar.

The race will come to an end in January where it started: at United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. If all goes as planned, Jules Verne’s dream of traveling around the world in 80 days would have come true – via a more ecologically sustainable way.

Key Dates in North America

Vancouver November 12
Seattle November 13
Portland November 14
San Francisco November 16/17
Los Angeles November 19/20
Las Vegas November 22
Cancun December 5

The next Zero Emissions Race plans are already under way, and it will take place in 2011.

The entire ZERO Race is documented with stories and photos on Zero Race Daily Blog at,

Join the Zero Race community for more daily updates and photos about the race.

Some of the sponsoring companies include:

– Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX:GXY) (PINK:GALXF)
– Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)
– Oerlikon Corporation AG (VTX:OERL)
– ABN Newswire

The ZERO Race is supported by

– The Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
– Canadian Solar
– Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver
– Globe Foundation

About Zero Emissions Race:

In 2008, Louis Palmer became the first person ever to drive a solar powered car around the world. This project was known as the Solartaxi. It took him 534 days to complete his circumnavigation and spread his powerful message that renewable energies are reliable, affordable and ecologically responsible!

In 2010, he intends to take things even further. This time Louis Palmer is challenging the world to a race via the The Zero Emissions Race. This global event is planned to be a thrill, as well as an opportunity to harness public interest and generate new ways of thinking about mobility, cars and renewable energies. The Zero Race also aims to make zero emission energy solutions accessible to a worldwide audience.

Competitors from all corners of the globe are invited to drive their own zero emission race vehicles. Each competitor’s lean, mean, green machine will be designed to run strictly on renewable energy, such as solar, wind, wave or geothermal. Thus, when the chequered flag will finally come down at the end of the Zero Race, the ultimate winner will be Planet Earth.

For more information contact:
Louis Palmer
Tour Director, ZERO Race

Don Chandler
Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
Mob: +1-604-307-1136


Zero Emissions Race

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