15:16 | 10.11.2017
Timeless Herbal Care, Jamaican Partner of Organa Brands, Receives Cultivation License

Today, Organa Brands International, home to the largest brands in
cannabis, announces that its partner in Jamaica has received their
cultivation license. In partnership with Timeless Herbal Care (THC),
Organa Brands will produce and distribute their best-selling
CO₂-extracted cannabis oil products. This strategic partnership will
make Organa Brands products available through the use of THC’s
state-of-the-art production and cultivation facility.

On Friday, November 3rd, the Jamaican company received a “Tier One Ganja
Cultivator License” from the newly created Cannabis Licensing Authority
(CLA) at the government offices of The Ministry of Industry Commerce
Agriculture and Fisheries, in New Kingston. This historic licensing
agreement brings together the largest cannabis-oil-based consumer
products company, Organa Brands, with Timeless Herbal Care – one of the
most respected cannabis businesses in Jamaica.

This important milestone means that the company will immediately begin
to operate the only certified facility in the Caribbean to grow medical
marijuana, which will later be extracted for use in the Organa Brands
products that consumers know and trust. “Timeless Herbal Care is
extremely pleased that the license has finally been granted,” said
company CEO Anthony Lawrence. “This now allows us to push ahead. We have
built the best cultivating facility in Jamaica.” Timeless Herbal Care is
one of the first companies to be awarded a commercial license by the
Jamaican Government.

“We are extremely pleased to see this important step forward for our
partners in the Caribbean. The granting of their cultivation license
means we are one step closer to seeing Organa Brands products on the
shelves in Jamaica,” said President of Organa Brands International,
Jeremy Heidl. “We are extremely proud of our partnership with Timeless
Herbal Care, and look forward to bringing cutting-edge products and
technology to consumers.”

Those interested in learning more about Organa Brands and its family of
products, including: O.penVAPE®, Organa Labs™, Bakked™, The Magic Buzz™,
and District Edibles™, can visit
About Organa BrandsOrgana
Brands revolutionized the cannabis industry with the
introduction of supercritical CO₂ extracted cannabis oil in 2010 and the
introduction of the groundbreaking O.penVAPE device in 2012. Today, the
company is home to the world’s largest consumer cannabis brands.After developing O.penVAPE, Bakked, and Organa Labs into world-class
brands with nationwide distribution, the company acquired The Magic
Buzz, and entered into a joint venture to form District Edibles. Organa
Brands sells one of its products every four seconds around the world,
and has delivered over one billion puffs through its flagship O.penVAPE
line. A brand incubator and pioneer in the cannabis space, Organa Brands
utilizes its 12 production facilities in 11 states and Jamaica to
manufacture its extensive catalog of products. Organa Brands sells its
cannabis products in over 1,200 retail locations with ancillary hardware
sold in thousands of retailers globally – making it the largest
cannabis-oil-based consumer products company in the United States.
Organa Brands is committed to dominating the global cannabis market
through the marriage of science and technology, all for the benefit of
the consumer. For more information, please visit Timeless Herbal CareTimeless Herbal Care is an industry leader in the provision of health
and wellness related services though the research and development of
medical marijuana products. With operations in Jamaica, Israel, Canada
and the United States; world-class experts and years of experience, we
are uniquely equipped to supply the overwhelming international demand
for medical marijuana products. For further information, consult the
company’s website at:
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