17:58 | 19.12.2011 Brings the Troops “Home” for the Holidays with Powerful New Video Messaging Service

KeepTree LLC, the creators of the cutting edge web-based video
messaging, archiving, and future delivery service, KeepTree (,
have announced the creation of a sister site –

TroopTree allows active duty military personnel to exchange video
messages with their families, without the need for a simultaneous
internet connection. Users may archive the videos forever, in addition
to scheduling delivery in the future using KeepTree’s revolutionary
Future Delivery Service.

“The number one personal concern of the troops is the ability to speak
to their loved ones,” said national pollster Dr. Frank Luntz, who has
interviewed hundreds of military personnel. “The power of this service
is that it connects them not only today but forever. It gives those in
harm’s way the peace of mind that they will be able to reach and talk to
the people they love even if the worst should happen.”

Several non-profit organizations have agreed to support the initiative,
and make our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines aware of the service.
The Colorado Springs based National Homeland Defense Foundation, and the
Washington, DC based Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs will
each assist in building awareness amongst our armed Services. Troop Tree
is also working with Family Readiness Support personnel at Ft Carson, CO
to make deployed personnel and their families aware of the service.

Major General Mark Volcheff (Ret), Executive Director of the National
Homeland Defense Foundation added “TroopTree is the perfect way to deal
with the challenges of communicating across different time zones, and
deployed members can now record daily updates to loved ones or nightly
bedtime stories to their children”

Jon Loew, the founder and CEO of KeepTree announced that in addition to
providing our brave men and women with this free communication service,
to honor our Troops during the holiday season, the TroopTree service
will allow members of the public to visit the site, and record “Thank
you” videos to members of our armed services. Service members may then
visit the TroopTree site to view the “Thank you” videos, and browse them
by service branch.
About KeepTree
KeepTree is a web based video messaging system designed to allow users
to record, store and share videos. The KeepTree service does not require
a simultaneous internet connection, and allows users to determine when
videos should be delivered to their recipients. KeepTree is the first
service to allow future delivery of videos (patent pending), affording
users the opportunity to share memories and advice with loved ones even
after they are no longer alive.

KeepTree’s Troop Tree service is available to active duty military
personnel and their families for free.


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