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World Gas Map, 2018 Edition –

The “World
Gas Map, 2018 Edition” map has been added to’s
Mapping content:
Major gasfields

Major gas pipelines (including those under construction and planned)

LNG import terminals and export plants (including those under

GTL projects
World gas production by region

World gas consumption by region

LNG trade movements, detailing exports and imports by country in Bn cm

Primary natural gas demand forecast by region

Timeline for 2017 detailing major developments in gas exploration,
production, and discovery, by month
Inset maps:
Trinidad and Tobago

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico (United States)

East Africa

Northwest Shelf (Australia)

Indonesia (Makassar Strait)

Japan (LNG import terminals)

UK (West of Shetland)

Norwegian Sea
Technical Specs:
Size: 1,260mm x 891mm

Style: Landscape

Scale: 1, 23,000,000

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